What do you shoot?

Canon 5d Mark III

How soon will we see our photos?

 You’ll see them within 3 weeks of your shoot

What should we wear?

Guys, I LOVE PICKING OUT FAMILY OUTFITS!  Seriously, I love it. I will even come to your home and help you pick out what you should wear (ask me about my styling packages!).  Or you can send me pics of the outfits and we can come up with something together!  Your outfits can ultimately make or break your shoot, so it’s important to be sure you have a cohesive look! If you’re not sure where to start, I like to tell families to have mom pick out her favorite outfit that she feels amazing in and then style the family around that! I also highly recommend getting professional hair and makeup done to add that extra polished look to your shoot!


Here are some other helpful ideas from shutterfly! 

  • Choose coordinating colors, not matchy matchy. Knowing what colors to wear for family photos can be tricky. Start off with colors that coordinate well. You can accomplish a cohesive look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit. In fact, that can seem overly-matching. By selecting a color scheme and using hues that complement each other, you can achieve a more natural look across the board. Pick 2 or 3 main colors and then add softer tones to accent and complete your color scheme.


  • Consider your home decor. You’ll want to consider your home decor style when picking out what to wear in family photos. Since a few of these photos will most likely be hanging in your home and on display for a long time, make sure that the clothing you select blends in seamlessly with the color scheme of your home.


  • Keep location in mind. Another helpful item to consider when trying to decide what to wear in your family photos is the location of your photoshoot. Are you going to be on the beach where there are plenty of neutral tones or under a tree surrounded by bright fall foliage? Select a color palette for your outfits that will complement the setting. Pick out items of clothing in colors that will complement your background and not compete with it.


  • Choose practical clothing items. This is an important item to keep in mind for every family member but, especially when you are thinking about what to dress your little ones in. If your kids are not comfortable then you’re going to be in for a photoshoot. Don’t make it more difficult on yourself or your photographer to get the perfect shot. Make sure that everyone is comfortable with their clothing to ensure all smiles.


  • Pick out accessories to add texture to your photos. Accessories are great style pieces that add to your individual outfits and can even tie family members’ outfits together. For example, if Dad is wearing a red and black plaid coat then adding a plaid hat to your daughter’s outfit will tie the pattern in for a more cohesive feel. Accessories will also give your photos variation. Think scarves, hats, gloves, and belts.


  • Select an outfit that is appropriate year-round. One of the more popular times for families to take their portraits seems to be around the holidays (when the kids are home from school and everyone is in the same place). The holidays may seem like the perfect excuse to bring out the Santa hats and incorporate props into your family portraits. However, you’ll want these photos to be displayed all year round. Try to avoid purely seasonal accessories and items.


  • Limit distracting patterns and large logos. Including articles of clothing with multiple patterns or large logos can become a distraction. Strong prints and abstract patterns can overpower your photo. Avoid items that clash and stick to one or 2 patterns or textural elements for your portrait session.


  • Lay each family member’s outfit together while planning. This way you’ll have a good idea about how the pieces will look next to each other. This will allow you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Plus, this way, you can make sure that you’re not missing any essential clothing items.


Can you just pick out our outfits for us?


For a $75 fee, I will come to your home and spend a half-hour with you scouring your closest and picking out coordinating outfits for each person in your family!  9 times out 10 my clients already own outfits that will photograph beautifully!

And if you’re in the mood for something new, I can meet you at a store instead (let’s be honest, it’s probably going to be Target) and help you decide what to purchase to create a cohesive look!

Don’t wanna clean your house (I see you, tired mommas)? Let’s do a zoom style session instead!

I don’t think my kids will listen, should I even bother?

Ummmmm, YES!!!  I have over 20 years of experience working with kids, and I promise I can get some amazing shots of your kiddos!  You can expect it to feel more like a choreographed playtime with some occasional posing! That way your kids feel more comfortable and actually enjoy the experience 🙂 Also, I’m not above bribing with fruit snacks and using booger talk and animal noises, so… you know, I pull out the big guns. 

Will you photoshop me to look younger/skinnier?!

First off, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!  But I also understand that not feeling your best can keep you from feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera. But fear not!  I am very experienced at posing people in flattering ways! Your images will be the best version of you and your most complementary angles.  Though if there is something you just know you’re gonna dislike, let me know and for an extra editing fee, we can make all your dreams come true hahahaha!

My child has special needs, so I hesitate to do family pictures.

Please, please, please let me capture your beautiful children!  I LOVE working with our special needs community.  I will work closely with you as the parent to learn about your kiddo’s likes and dislikes, specific preferences and special needs so we can capture them in their element and make it an enjoyable experience for the whole family!

What happens if you get sick and can't make our shoot?

We will first try and reschedule, but if that is not feasible, I will provide another photographer at my caliber or better, and give you all images at no extra cost.

Do you offer digital files and/or prints?

You will receive a watermarked gallery of all of the viable images from your shoot.  You will then choose the images you would like for your final, print release gallery! Each package includes a different number of print released images, but you can always purchase additional images if you just can’t narrow it down! I also offer prints and canvases through a professional print lab.  Contact me for the price list!

Do you travel, does it cost?

Yes, yes, yes!  Please take me on your adventure with you!  If it’s beyond 25 mi. then I charge a minimum of $75, more if further.

Do I get every picture from my session?

You will get every viable image!  Which means I individually edit and include every image that is not a duplicate, or that doesn’t have some sort of flaw like a lens flare in an awkward place, closed eyes, or a rouge strand of hair!

Can family and friends buy prints?

Yes!  Contact me for the print price list!  You can also share your final gallery link with as many people as you’d like