Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a passion for teaching!  I have taught so many things over the years, I can’t even keep track of them all (swimming lessons, ballet, ESL classes, high school Spanish, cake decorating classes, art lessons, and more… Seriously, I can’t sit still!!!)

Which is why it just feels like a natural progression to be sharing my photography knowledge with the world.  Let me share what I know to help you progress in your photography journey!  I’m an open book.

I have created three different mentoring options that vary from customized editing videos to one on one photoshoots with me!  Hit me up and let’s discuss which program best fits your needs.

– Send me 2 of your images (both RAW and your JPEG edit) with a description of the editing challenges you’re facing

– I will record myself editing those images showing you step by step how to accomplish your goals and send you the video

– Once you’ve had a chance to review and practice along with the video you will get a 30 min Q&A session with me via Zoom to go over any questions you may have!


Ideas of thing we can cover

* Layer Masking

* Head swapping

* Skin Retouching (Patch tool, Content-Aware Fill, Spot healing, Gaussian blur)

* Spot color correcting / White Balance

* Removal of visual distractions (Clone-stamp tool & other methods)

* Curves, Levels, Exposure

* Layer Blending Modes

* Body Contouring


Join me for an hour and a half long one on one via zoom where we’ll cover anything and everything you’d like! Everything we cover during our session will be specific to you and your needs. 

We’ll look at your portfolio and go through several galleries so I can tell you how to make your work stronger, and help you shoot in a way that makes editing easier for you.


Ideas of thing we can cover

*Understanding your camera (shutter speed, ISO, Depth of field)

*Shooting in manual

*Choosing your focal points

*Photoshop editing techniques 



*Working with children

*Setting up your business

*Consistent Editing



Bring your camera and join me for a

> >   REAL – LIFE – PHOTOSHOOT!   < <

Second shoot with me to build your portfolio while I show you how I do the following:

* Pose

* Prompt

* Choose a location

* Find the best lighting

* Help clients feel at ease

* Manage small children

* Capture candid moments


Package also includes

– 30 Min pre-session where we will go over camera settings and shoot flow before the clients arrive. 

– 30 min post-processing and editing session with me via zoom. You must use Lightroom and Photoshop (I edit almost exclusively with Mastin Labs Presets)

– You choose what type of shoot you’d like to do, couples, maternity, families, engagement, kids, etc….


Mentoring Reviews

Investing in a mentorship with her is simply the best thing you can do to help grow your skills

Danielle is the very best mentor! She has a true teacher’s heart, and has always helped me to feel comfortable going to her for help, not matter how silly I feel asking. Because she is a teacher, she knows how to discipher what the real issue is and teach to that. With her years of experience as a photographer and editor, Danielle is an easy choice. Investing in a mentorship with her is simply the best thing you can do to help grow your skills and benefit your business!

– Kathryn M.